Day 1 (Ash) Wednesday, February 13

Experience God's PresencePsalm 63

This Psalm speaks to the ultimate satisfaction we have in the Lord. As you begin this season of Lent, especially if you are uncertain about fasting from one thing or another, find comfort and empowerment in the truth of this text.

Psalm 63

Whom does David seek (1)? Describe the way he longs for God (1). What has David seen of the Lord (2)? How and why does he glorify God (3-5)? What is the Lord’s role in David’s thought life (6)? What is his response to God’s help (7-8)? What will happen to David’s enemies (9-11)? Who will rejoice and glory in the Lord (11)?

Meditate on verses 1, 3, and 5, envisioning the physical sensations David describes. Ask God how He wants you to express such urges and desires. Shout them to the Lord, or write them down. Do you believe that the Lord’s love is better than life? Why or why not? In what ways does God’s Spirit completely satisfy you? Do you feel led to fast from anything during Lent? If so, why?

Pray for a daily surplus of the Holy Spirit’s presence during this time of restraint, especially whenever you are tempted to prematurely break your fast.

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