Day 2 Thursday, 14th February

ImagePsalm 104:27-30

One thing is sure: when the Holy Spirit is present, new life is found. Given that reality, intense desire for and heavy reliance on the Spirit should mark the life of every Christian.

Why do all creatures look to God (27)? How do they respond to the Lord’s generosity (28)? How do they respond to His withdrawal (29)? What happens when God sends His spirit (30)? What do you think it means to “renew the face of the ground”?

In what ways do you exhibit a posture that looks to the Lord for all things?

How are your interactions with God animal-like? Do you think such an approach is appropriate? Why or why not? Recall a time when you sensed God hiding His face from you. What emotions do you associate with that experience?

Read verse 30. How does the presence of the Holy Spirit bring about renewal within you? Ask the Lord to send His Spirit into every life circumstance that is crying out for His presence. Also, listen for God’s prompting, as He may desire for you to share with a non-believer about your encounters with the Holy Spirit.

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