Day 3 Friday, 15th February


Isaiah 44:1-5

For those who are in a spiritual desert, Lent is an ideal setting for regaining the fulfillment brought by the Holy Spirit. During these 40 days, earnestly seek Him via a handful of spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, and fasting, and trust that the Lord will quench your thirst.

Who is told to listen (1)? Of what promises does God remind Israel (1-2)? Why should the people not be afraid (3-4)? How will they express their affiliation with the Lord (5)?

Which verse in this passage speaks the most to your heart? Why? In what ways do you rely on the Holy Spirit to deliver you from fear? How is the Lord asking you to deepen your dependence on His Spirit? This week, what is the first step you will take in this direction? Read verse 5. Do you feel led to proclaim your relationship with God in a similarly outward manner? How so?

How do you think this expression would enhance your connection to His Spirit? How would it bring glory to His name?

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