Day 4 Saturday, 16th February

ImageAct 1:1-11

Often, we expect one thing from the Lord only for Him to bless us with something completely surprising. Fortunately, the scriptures show us that we are in good company. In these beginning verses of Acts, we learn that even the apostles’ expectations were not in sync with the ministry of Jesus.

What do you think Luke is suggesting in his statement “all that Jesus began to do and teach”? What happened before Jesus was taken up into heaven (2-3)? What command did He give to the apostles (4-5)? What did the apostles then ask Jesus (6)? How did He respond (7-8)? What happened next (9)? Who appeared as Jesus was ascending (10)? What did they say (11)?

Even though He has ascended, what is Jesus doing in your midst and teaching you today? When do you grow impatient with the Lord? If you are currently feeling anxious as you wait on God, repent and ask Him to fill you with trust and perseverance. Do you ever misunderstand the Lord’s intentions, as the apostles did in verse 6? If so, how does God bring correction? In what

ways does the Holy Spirit equip you as a witness? Where do you think God is asking you to witness? Consider the phrase, “to the ends of the earth.” What does it mean to you personally?

Where in your life, today, do you need to experience God’s Presence?

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