Day 5 Monday, 18th February


Luke 4:14-30

“Jesus Christ obtained power for His divine works not by His inherent divinity, but by His anointing through the Holy Spirit. He was subject to the same conditions of power as other men.” –R.A. Torrey

In verse 14, Luke notes that Jesus returned to Galilee “in the power of the Spirit.” Why do you think this is important to mention? How did the “power of the Spirit” affect Jesus’ ministry? Summarize in your own words the portion of scripture Jesus read in the synagogue (18-19). How did those in attendance respond to the reading and to Jesus’ claim that He is the fulfillment of the scripture (20-22)? What are some gospel stories that demonstrate and prove Jesus’ proclamations? Describe what Jesus said in verses 23-27. What was He implying about those listening? How did they react (28-29)?

Recall times when you acted “in the power of the Spirit.” How did you know that was the case? Compare and contrast pivotal Spirit-filled moments with times when you were lacking in the Spirit. What is an upcoming event where you will need the Spirit’s empowerment? As that time approaches, spend time in prayer each day asking for God’s anointing. In what ways do you both show and tell the world about the power of the Holy Spirit? Which is in greater need of growth, your proclamation of the Spirit’s power or your demonstration of it?

Ask God to empower you with His Presence and use you to proclaim His truth to the world in both word and deed.

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