Day 8 Thursday, 21st February


John 14:23-31

We are so dulled by the standards of this world, that we often forget just how much Jesus desires to give to us. We do not ask for more of His Spirit. We stray away from high expectations. This is not how God wants to be approached. Thanks to the Holy Spirit, we can expect an advocate, someone to teach us all things, and to grant us ultimate peace.

Describe the condition of those who love Jesus (23). What about those who do not love Him (24)? Who is speaking through Jesus (24)? How will the Holy Spirit arrive (26)? Why do you think Jesus calls Him “the Advocate”? What will the Holy Spirit do for the disciples (26)? What do you think Jesus means by “all things”? What additional gift is Jesus giving to them (27)? What else should quell their fears (27)? Why should the disciples be happy that Jesus is going to the Father (28)? Why is Jesus sharing this information with them (29)? What enemy of God is coming, and what is his role in accomplishing the Lord’s great plan (30-31)?

Consider what Jesus says in verse 27, “I do not give to you as the world gives.” What does this mean to you? In what ways have you experienced this truth? How does the Holy Spirit’s presence signify such truth? If you know anyone who struggles to believe that Jesus does not give as the world does, ask the Holy Spirit for supernatural insight so that you can bring words of truth and comfort into their life.


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