Day 10 Saturday, 23rd February


Philippians 1:19-26

If it were not for the Holy Spirit, the church would be in shambles. It would be non-existent. When Jesus said the Spirit would be an advocate to help us, He meant we should expect help in all things, particularly in our suffering. Such reliance is critical to our vitality on this side of eternity.

How will Paul’s imprisonment become a form of freedom (19)? Besides deliverance, what else might the Spirit of Jesus provide to Paul? What is his hope (20)? Why (20)? What are Paul’s views and conflicted feelings on life and death (21-24)? What will a continuance of his life bring (22, 25-26)? How does the Holy Spirit minster to you in your suffering? How does a fresh anointing of the Spirit enable you to continue glorifying God no matter what may befall you? Do you regularly pray for a fresh anointing? Why or why not? Meditate on verse 21. How do you make Christ “your everything”?

In what ways are you guilty of defining your existence outside of Christ? Repent, asking God to take His rightful place in your life. Bring to mind a loved one who is facing great difficultly. Ask the Lord to send the “provision of the Spirit of Jesus Christ” into their midst. Continue with this prayer and followup with the person in a few days to see if the Lord has brought any freedom into the situation.


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