Day 14 Thursday, 28th February


Galatians 3:23―4:7

“To know at the deepest level of our being that God is our Father and we are His sons and daughters is not the result of theological research or moral achievement, but the result of God’s sending the Spirit of His Son to speak to us and to convince us that despite all our guilt, fears and doubts, the Father of Jesus is our Father too.”  –G. Walter Hansen

Prior to Christ, what conditions kept everyone in bondage (3:23-24)? Why are we no longer in custody (24-25)? Describe those found in Jesus, and the distinctions that fall away among them (26-29). What restrictions are placed upon an underage heir (4:1-2)? How is life before Christ similar (3)? What did Jesus accomplish by coming to earth (5)? How did He do this? Describe the gifts and freedoms God’s children receive (6-7). Why is our ability to be intimate with God by calling Him “Abba” an important indicator of our identity? Why are we unable to cry out “Abba, Father” without the help of the Spirit?

What does “adoption to sonship” look like in your life? In what ways do you enjoy full rights as a child of God? What is your default reaction to problems and fears? How easy or difficult it is for you to cry out to God as your ‘Daddy’? Why? Do you root your identity more in what you do than who you are? Why or why not? Over the next week, write down the specific ways the Lord assures you of your identity as a child of God. Spend time each day meditating on these revelations to allow the Holy Spirit to further testify that you are God’s child.

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