Day 15 Friday, 1st March


Ephesians 5:1-20

In this passage, Paul calls us to “live as children of light.” Consider light’s qualities. It is essential for vision and it floods everything, illuminating all that it touches. When the Holy Spirit, God’s Presence, fills your life with love, thanksgiving, and obedience to God, He is showing the world a wonderful picture of what it means to be His child.

In relation to God, who are we (1)? What does Jesus model for us (2)? What behaviors are unthinkable (3-4)? Why (3-5)? What needs to fill our hearts and actions instead (4)? What happens to those who are deceived and disobedient (6)? How and why should we live as children of light (8-10, 13-14)? What must we expose (11)? Why (12)? How ought we be careful to live (15-16)? Why (16)? What is the antidote to foolishness (17)? What is superior to drunkenness

(18-20)? What do you think motivates Christians to follow the instructions found in this passage? What makes faithful adherence possible?

Read verse 1 and 8, where followers of Jesus are referred to as both “dearly loved children” and “children of light.” What do these labels mean to you personally? In what ways do you embody them? Which of the sins discussed in this text is the biggest struggle for you? Why? How do you think the Holy Spirit wants to grant you victory over this sin? What are some ways you exhibit a Spirit-filled life, as Paul describes it in verses 19-20? Which markers are lacking in your life? Pray, asking the Lord to grant you the ability and the desire to engage in them often.

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