Day 16 Saturday, 2nd March


1 Peter 4:12-19

As much as we hate to endure it, suffering has meaning because God can use it to change and purify us as well as bring glory to His name. Therefore, instead of expending energy avoiding and being exasperated by suffering, what we should pursue instead is a holy life and a joyful attitude that cannot be rocked by life’s trials.

What should Christians find unsurprising and normal (12)? What ought our response be to “fiery ordeals” (13)? Why (13)? What blessings come to those who are insulted because of the name of Christ (14)? How does Peter distinguish from suffering as a result of one’s sin and suffering as a Christian (15-16)? Where should judgment begin (17)? What do you think the verdict and judgment will be for those who do not accept the good news (17-18)? What advice does Peter give to those enduring Christian suffering (19)? In light of this passage, as God’s children, what paradoxical attributes of Jesus will we inherit? What “fiery ordeals” do you face in life? How do you process them on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level? Are you capable of rejoicing when you face trials? Why or why not? How has your own sin brought suffering into your life? In what ways does this distract from your status as a child of God? Describe how you “continue to do good” in the midst of suffering. If you feel weak in this area, ask the Holy Spirit for supernatural joy, the type that is rooted in your identity as God’s child, instead of your circumstances.


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