Day 17 Monday, 4th March


1 John 3:1-3

This broken world interferes with our ability to experience our heavenly Father’s love. Unbelieving naysayers can bring us down. Childhood wounding from our parents make it difficult to look to God as a loving father figure. The truth found in this passage, which is worthy of memorizing, silences distractions and lies to show us what really matters: we are God’s beloved children.

How does the Lord express His lavish love to us (1)? Why is the world unable to know us (1-2)? What are some ways that the world is misinformed about Christians? What will happen when Jesus comes back (2)? How will we be able to emulate Jesus (2)? What should those who hope in Jesus do (3)? Why (3)?

When you were growing up, how secure did you feel as a “child who belonged” in your family? What contributed to your feelings of belonging? What diminished them? As a follower of Jesus, do you feel like a child of God, or do you feel more like something else (e.g., a slave or a guest)? Why do you think you feel this way? What specific things in your life help or hinder your sense of being a child of God? In what ways do the world’s views on ‘Christians’ cause you to doubt your status as a son or daughter of God? Are any specific experiences from childhood, particularly regarding your earthly father, blocking your experience of God today? If so, invite the Holy Spirit to bring forgiveness, healing, and comfort. Also pray that the Holy Spirit would bear witness to your heart that you are God’s child.

(Adapted from a resource by

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