Day 20 Thursday, 7th March


1 Corinthians 3

Among many, the Holy Spirit is thought of primarily as a power source for doing God’s work. However, it is important to also view the Spirit as the one who brings God’s holy presence, which has profound implications for both individuals and the church as a whole.

How does Paul address the Corinthian church (1)? What spiritual food did he give them (2)? Why (2)-4? What is the difference between “milk” and “solid food”? What strife are the Corinthians experiencing (4)? Describe Paul’s usage of a farming metaphor (5-9). What truths does it convey about leaders and the church (5-9, 21-23)? Who is ultimately responsible for growth (7)?

What does the building in verse 10 represent? What about the “wise builder” and the foundation (10-11)? Why does Paul warn the builders (10-15)? What does Paul want the Corinthian church to understand about being God’s temple (16-17)? In what ways do you think they are destroying the Lord’s temple? Why is this such a serious offense (17)? What does Paul assert about the wisdom of this world (18-20)?

Ask the Lord to search your heart and reveal any misunderstandings of the implications of having the Holy Spirit, both as an individual and as a community. Where are you guilty of distraction and of downplaying the Holy Spirit’s role? What is God speaking to you on this? This week, what thought and behavior changes can you make in order to walk out a truer expression of one who has the Holy Spirit dwelling in your midst?


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