Day 22 Saturday, 9th March


Galatians 5:16-26

What happens when we walk by the Spirit (16, 18)? How does Paul describe the battle raging inside of us (17)? What about the acts of the flesh (19-21)? Why should we not give our desires and impulses free reign (21)? Describe the fruit of the Spirit (22-23). Note that Paul uses “acts” to describe the sinful nature and “fruit” to describe what the Spirit produces. Why do you think he does this? How are “acts” and “fruit” different? Why is it significant that the word “fruit” in the Greek is singular? What happens to the flesh of those who belong to Jesus (24)? What do you think this means? What is the solution to our struggle (25)?

Instead of explicitly describing what living by the Spirit looks like, Paul uses phrases like “keep in step with the Spirit” and “be led by the Spirit.” What do you think he is trying to communicate about life in the Spirit? How is it different from following rules?

To what degree do you consider the Holy Spirit a person? How would you describe your relationship with Him? If you struggle to recognize the Spirit’s personhood, ask God to supernaturally transform your view of Him so that you can more fully benefit from all that the Spirit offers. What fruit in your life indicates that it is Holy Spirit-led? What are some obstacles that divert you from living by the Spirit? What can you do to remove them?


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