Day 30 Tuesday, 19th March


1 Corinthians 6:7-11

Without the Holy Spirit, God’s Presence,  any attempt to be like Jesus is futile. Left to even the finest of our own devices, we will encounter nothing but failure.

What is characterizing the Corinthians’ defeat (7-8)? What do you think Paul means by “completely defeated”? What does he claim is better than a lawsuit (7)? Of what truth does Paul remind the church (9)? As he expands on this point, what sins does he mention (9-10)? What has saved us from these and all other sins (11)? How would you define justification and sanctification?

What role do they play in a Christian’s life journey and eternal destiny? Imagine Paul saying to you specifically, “And this is what you were.” In your case, what does the “this” part of his statement entail? Take some time to praise God for the fact that He no longer sees you in that light, but thanks to the power of His Spirit, He sees you as blameless instead. Internally and externally, how do you live as one who has been justified and sanctified by Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit? Read Galatians 3:3. What are some ways you try attain holiness yourself, with your own cycle of guilt and deeds, instead of allowing Jesus and the Spirit to wholly save you?


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