Day 32 Thursday, 21st March


Romans 12:3-8

“[Paul] …did not think of spiritual gifts as synonymous with the eye-catching and very physical; the charismatic Spirit came to expression characteristically for him in service, no doubt, often hidden from the public eye, in the humdrum maintenance of others in the basics of everyday living, as the Spirit of the crucified.” –James D. G.Dunn

Summarize the ways Paul de-emphasizes individualism in the church (3-6)? What does he tell us to do (6-8)? What gifts does he mention in this passage (6-8)? Think of an example of what each of these gifts look like in practice. How do you think the church benefits when everyone exercises their gifts according to the Spirit’s leading? How is the church harmed when the body fails to do so?

What are some behind-the-scenes ways you have seen others serve in the church or reach out to those in need? Are you truly thankful for the opportunity to serve those who have no way of repaying you? Why or why not? Considering the abundant needs of those around us, how do you avoid burnout in serving others? How can you mature in using the Spiritual gifts God has given you? Pray that your community, yourself included, would use their gifts in a Spirit-led, sustainable way. Also pray that your community’s expression of spiritual gifts would make Jesus and His church attractive to those who do not know the Lord.


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