Day 34 Saturday, 23rd March


1 Corinthians 14:26-33

Since the Holy Spirit loves to move among God’s people, the church is perhaps the best setting for prophetic ministry. When done in an orderly and edifying manner, prophecy builds up the body in indescribable ways.

What happens when the believers gather together (26)? What is the goal of all aspects of a church service (26)? Summarize Paul’s instructions for speaking in tongues (27-28). What are his guidelines for prophecy (29-33)? How ought we initially respond to a prophetic word (29)? Who can be counted among the prophets mentioned in verse 29? Do you think Paul is referring to a specific office? Why or why not? How would you define the word “revelation” as stated in verse 30? What does prophecy help to achieve (31)? Which attribute of God should congregations reflect (33)?

Describe a time when you benefited from prophecy. How did it impact your life then and now? Recall moments when God spoke prophetically through you. How was His church encouraged? What areas do you need to mature in so that the Lord might entrust more prophetic service to you? If you desire the gift of prophecy, ask God for it and seek out a prophetically gifted friend to pray over you. How might better prioritisation and nurturing of your relationship with Jesus, via prayer and Bible reading, help you to become more sensitive to when the Lord is speaking? What is the first step you will take in this direction? What are some ways that you can protect yourself and the church from false prophecy?


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