Day 36 Tuesday, 26th March


Acts 9:32-43

The apostles spent three years watching Jesus perform miracles. Compared to those men, we may feel we are at a disadvantage, incapable of the faith they had for the miraculous. Yet even today, Jesus’ disciples are continuing the work He began. You can be one of them.

Who did Peter find in Lydda (33)? How was Aeneas healed (34)? Compare this incident to Luke 5:17-26. Note all the similarities. Describe the scene in Joppa (36-37). What did the two men urge Peter to do (38)? Why, since he had never raised anyone from the dead, do you think they sent for him? Summarise the events surrounding Tabitha’s healing (39-41). Compare them to Luke 8:49- 56. Why do you think the details are so similar? In both instances, why do you think mourners were removed from the room (see Matthew 13:58)? Before Peter’s arrival, do you think the believers tried to heal Aeneas and Tabitha by themselves? Why or why not? How did these healings affect area residents (35, 42)?

Read Acts 1:8. In what ways are the gifts of the Spirit like power tools? When have you experienced the Spirit in such a way? How do you make yourself available to Jesus, so that He can perform miracles through you? Ask Him to reveal any roadblocks you put in His path. Repent of these thoughts and habits and pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would fill you and flow through you. Who exercises spiritual gifts in ways that you would like to emulate? Shadow and learn from the person as they engage in the ministry of the Holy Spirit.


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