Day 37 Wednesday, 27th March


Micah 3

“Now is the hour we should humbly prostrate ourselves before God, willing to be convicted afresh of our sins by the Holy Spirit.” –Watchman Nee

How does Micah describe the crimes Israel’s rulers commit against the people (1-3)? Why do you think he uses such graphic imagery? Why is God unwilling to respond to the people’s cries (4)? Of what two-faced behavior does Micah accuse the prophets (5)? As a result, how will the prophets suffer (6-7)? How is Micah distinct from other prophets (8)? What is his purpose (8)? How do you think the Holy Spirit’s power, justice, and might work together in a ministry such as Micah’s? What other accusations does Micah level against Israel’s leaders (9-11)? What do the leaders take for granted (11)? What will be the repercussions of Israel’s sin (12)? Read Acts 2:37-39. How does it connect to this passage?

Which verse from this text do you find most harrowing? Why? What do you think is God’s unique purpose for filling you with the Spirit of the Lord? What expressions of it have you seen in life so far? What are some ways you could more robustly embody this mantle? In what ways do you give Spirit-filled brothers and sisters in Christ clearance to declare your transgression to you? Do you allow the Holy Spirit to directly convict you of your sin? If you are closed-off to this type of Holy Spirit encounter, pray for God to strip you of pride and insecurity so that you can experience more wholeness in Him.


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