Day 38 ‘Holy’ Thursday, 28th March


John 13:1-17

On this day, known as Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday, Christians from many denominations across the globe remember and re-create one of Jesus’ last acts before his crucifixion: the washing of the disciples’ feet.

What is the setting (1-2)? Describe Jesus’ emotional and mental state (1, 3). What do you think is meant by “he loved them to the end”? What had the devil done to Judas (2)? What did Jesus do at the meal (4-5)? Why did Peter protest His actions (6, 8)? What convinced Peter to allow Jesus to wash his feet (7-8)? How did Peter express his compliance (9)? Explain Jesus’ words and thoughts in verses 10-11. Summarise the significance of the foot washing, as described by Jesus in verses 12-17. How would you define the type of leadership He is asking the disciples to embody? What does this passage reveal to you about the heart of Jesus?

Note than in verse 15 Jesus says, “You should do as I do,” not, “you should do what I do.” With that distinction in mind, what selfless act is the Lord asking of you today? As Lent draws to a close, how can go from contemplation of faith in Christ to living it out? How do you think people would describe your treatment of others? How would they characterise your leadership style? Ask the Lord to show you where your behaviour fails to be Christ-like. Also ask Him to convict you of self-seeking behaviour and motives in the moment, so that you can quickly surrender to the Holy Spirit’s transformative power.


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