Day 40 Saturday, 30th March


Matthew 28:1-10

During this last day of Lent, let us consider all that this time of reflection is leading up to: the glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ, our victor over death and destruction. His demise was not final; it gave way to new, redemptive life, the most significant breaking in of God’s kingdom that the world has ever witnessed.

Where were the women going (1)? When (1)? What caused the earthquake (2)? Describe the angel’s appearance (3)? How did the guards react to him (4)? Would your response have been similar? Why or why not? What was the angel’s message to the women (5-7)? What did the women do next (8)? What do you think it means to be “afraid yet filled with joy”? Describe their encounter with the resurrected Jesus (9-10). How would you have reacted to such an encounter?

What are some of the most devastating things you have faced in life? How does their magnitude and permanence compare to Jesus’ resurrection power? When is it a challenge for you to trust in the blessings of His resurrection? What can you do to find greater healing in Jesus from all your wounds? Quietly listen for the Holy Spirit for several minutes. What is different or better about your life today, compared to 40 days ago? What is He speaking to you about how to go forward from this Lenten season?


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