Life is Better Together

Life is Better TogetherPeople’s most basic need in life is relationship. People connected to other people thrive and grow, and those not connected wither and die. It is a medical fact, for example, that from infancy to old age, health depends on the amount of social connection people have… At the emotional level, connection is the sustaining factor for the psyche, the heart, and the spirit. Virtually every emotional and psychological problem, from addictions to depression, has alienation or emotional isolation at its core or close to it. Recovery from these problems always involves helping people to get more connected to each other at deeper and healthier levels than they are.

-Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend

Church has been described as “a collection of people who belong to one another”. At Coventry Vineyard we are starting a new series, looking at what “belonging’ really looks and feels like. How life is “Better Together”.

Click on the link to hear the talk from our Sunday Morning Gathering on 1st September 2013

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