Bitter or better together?

“Christians in community are to never give up on one another, never give up on a relationship, and never write off another believer. We must never tire of forgiving (and repenting!) and seeking to repair our relationships. In Matthew 5:23–26, [Jesus] tells us we should go to someone if we know they have something against us. In Matthew 18:15–20 [Jesus] says we should approach someone if we have something against them.

In short, if any relationship has cooled off or has weakened in any way, it is always your move. It doesn’t matter “who started it:” God always holds you responsible to reach out to repair a tattered relationship.

A Christian is responsible to begin the process of reconciliation, regardless of how the distance or the alienation began.

-Dr Tim Keller

This extract comes from probably the most helpful article I’ve (Nick) read on reconciliation. This article is referenced in our Sunday Morning Gathering talk for 15th September 2013. For the full article visit here.

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