Do we hunger for His Presence?

Irresistible Church longA People of The Presence

Do we hunger for His Presence? Is Coventry Vineyard a place where God can be found? Are we even aware of His presence here? Is it making a difference? Are you being changed?  Are you finding that you are becoming just a little bit more like Jesus?

Over Sunday lunch we rate how the Sunday Morning Gathering was. We rate the worship. We maybe rate the talk. The things you didn’t like, the things you did like.

We rarely sit in shocked awe that we just met with The Living God.

Maybe we are happy to know about God rather than actually know him. My hope and prayer is that as a community we would each experience and hunger for God’s Presence.

Recently I’ve felt God challenge me by asking,

“Are you more interested in the presence of people here on a Sunday than the presence of My Holy Spirit!?”

-Nick Sutton

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