#AdventWord Day 17 #LISTEN

Adventword_17_Listen“To pray is to listen to that voice of love. That is what obedience is all about. The word ‘obedience’ comes from the latin “ob-audire”, which means to listen with great attentiveness. Without listening, we become ‘deaf’ to the voice of love. The latin word for deaf is “surdus”. To be completely deaf is to be “absurdus”, yes, absurd. When we no longer pray, no longer listen to the voice of love that speaks to us in the moment, our lives become absurd lives in which we are thrown back and forth between the past and the future.” – Henri Nouwen (Here and Now)

Today how will you turn down the noise of life in order to listen to the voice of love?

Reflect and pray over the word #LISTEN

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#cvadvent ‪#‎AdventWord‬ #LISTEN

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