#AdventWord Day 18 #INVITE


Everyone is invited!

We are invited to live life as Jesus would live it if he were one of us. We are invited to live life in the Kingdom of God. This January, as a church we are inviting Coventry to Alpha. Alpha is a great way to find out what those of us who follow Jesus believe. Alpha is also an opportunity to ask absolutely any questions about life, faith and meaning.

Who will you invite? Our Alpha Launch Party is on 7 January 2016. See here for details.

Reflect and pray over the word #INVITE

Share your experience on facebook. Take a photo and tag it : #cvadvent ‪#‎AdventWord‬ #INVITE. Sign up for AdventWord here

#cvadvent ‪#‎AdventWord‬ #INVITE #covalpha

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