Life at the Centre of the Kingdom

Jesus encouraged little children to encounter him. He also stated that unless we adults become like little children we will not inherit or fully encounter the kingdom. What does this mean? In this talk Ros Ginn challenges us to live life at the centre of the kingdom as we encounter Jesus.

An invitation to live like Jesus

In church we are constantly encouraged to become more like Jesus. What exactly does this mean, when we’re many thousands of miles and thousands of years from the times and places that Jesus walked on Earth?

On the road to Emmaus – God is in control

When hard times come and your world is shaken, it’s very easy to forget the big picture, and in doing so, forget that God is in control. Whether you see Him there or not, God is right there by your side and He has full control over your situation.

Listen to this week’s Sunday talk by Nathan Page and be encouraged that you are not in this alone.

Encounter with Jesus

Encounter Jesus square
Who is Jesus? Who is Jesus to you? Throughout the four gospels there are accounts of people who encountered Jesus. This Summer we will be looking at some of these encounters and asking what does it mean to encounter him personally. As we reach out to Jesus, we find that he has already reached out to us. As we encounter Jesus, we find that our lives take on a new purpose and a new meaning. Will you encounter Jesus this summer?