Our Challenge

This week we investigate the challenges facing us as Coventry Vineyard. We want to be a church that impacts our city, but that requires a gear change. Listen below to find out how we’re planning to grow this year and take on Jesus’ challenge to be a life-changing community.


During your Challenge you’re going to face troubles and setbacks. Things will come along which will try to push you off-course and prevent you from completing your challenge. In this final talk, Nick and Nathan unpack how to push through the trials with determination. The answer follows this question: what are you living for?

Overcoming Fear

What do you fear? We all have fears; some silly, some rather sensible. Healthy fears help us to respect our limits, but some fears can stop us from living full and healthy lives.

Is there a fear holding you back from the challenge which God has assigned you? And will you choose to overcome it?

One Thing

So you’ve made resolutions this year. What did you resolve to change? How many things did you resolve to change? It’s easy to make many resolutions and then fail to meet any of them.

The question you need to ask is: what one thing is God calling me to change?