The Gospel of Christmas

Part 6 : The Gospel of Christmas
The Good news of Christmas is that God came to Earth in human form. That moment was incredible – breaking all barriers, risking all Earthly dangers, a baby was born 2000 years ago who grew to change everything.

In this closing talk, Nick sums up the Gospel by going right back to the start of the Gospel story – the incarnation.

Gossiping the Gospel

Evangelism. It’s simultaneously both our favourite and least favourite word. Why? Because whilst we know it’s an important aspect of our faith, it often seems surprisingly difficult to do.

What if we didn’t overcomplicate it, we stopped trying to learn from scripts and instead figured out how to share Jesus in a easier, more natural way? In the series finale, Nick challenges us to take the Gospel to heart and make it an everyday challenge to open up and share our lives with the people around us.

A Gospel to be proud of

Andrew McNeill from Network Vineyard, Birmingham, visits to teach on how the Gospel is the power of God that brings salvation… and that’s good news! More than just good news, it’s a story that tells of how much God values each one of us in a relationship each of us should be proud to share.

The Gospel changes your life

Who are you? What is your identity? We all have a past. Things that we would rather forget. Things that cause us guilt and shame. Sin (and idolatry) affects us all.The good news of Jesus is that he changes us. Changes your mind, your heart, your life.

“Your life is now hidden with Christ in God” (Col 3:3).

How does this affect how you live?
Will you relinquish your idols and replace them with Jesus as the center of your life?

Paul’s Gospel

You have two minutes to explain the Gospel. Right now. Go!
What did you remember to include? What did you miss? There have been many attempts over the years to come up with the perfect way to describe and tell the Gospel, but this week Nick shares with us the ultimate perfect answer…

The Gospel Part 1: Born Storytellers

In the first of our 5 part series on the gospel Mark takes us through Jesus’┬álife and some of the things he did. With a world full of people searching for something, Mark brings us the challenge of how to spread the message of Jesus confidently and takes us through how humans beings are wired to be storytellers.