Fire on the move

For this final session, we searched Coventry Vineyard for exciting stories of the Holy Spirit at work – and we didn’t have to search for long!

Full of incredible encouraging moments and stories, listen to our encouraging finale below.

Baptism in the Spirit

If you are a follower of Jesus, you have God on your side and the Holy Spirit right there with you – the mighty power of God following you round everywhere that you go.

Jesus left us the Holy Spirit to help us continue His work. But what exactly does it mean to be ‘baptised in the Holy Spirit’, and it is really that important?

Speaking in tongues

Church can be weird, let’s face it. There are all sorts of things that happen, which even to us in the church can feel pretty strange, and the strangest of them all has to be speaking in tongues.

Continuing to bring the church’s awkward questions to light, Nick himself asks: what are these ‘tongues’ for? How do they work? Do we want them, and how do we get them?

Hearing from God

Do you ever just stop, turn off the headphones, TV or phone and just listen to God? Do you think He would ever say anything to you?

For us in the Vineyard, prophesy and hearing from God are natural things that we expect to happen. We believe that God speaks to us in our everyday lives… but exactly how and why does He do that?


So we have all this power… but why does it sometimes feel like we’re on the losing team? Why do we find ourselves in pain, illness or discomfort in the first place? Does healing even happen now?

Our answer is yes – healing does happen now. We just need to be prepared to have a go! In this inspiring talk, Vicki describes a whole new approach to prayer for healing, tackling some of the difficult questions that arise on the way.

On a mission with a supernatural Jesus

Supernatural:  attributed to some force beyond scientific understanding or the laws of nature
Empowered: Giving somebody the authority or power to do something”

Jesus was a nice, natural person. But at the same time, He was very, very supernatural. He was fully human, fully God and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
So, too, are we called by God to bring His Kingdom, empowered by the same Spirit. Have you got the power?