Walking Through Walls – The Resurrection Changes Who We Are

In the second of our series “Learning to walk through walls”, Mark Harbour talks about how the resurrection changes who we are! The invitation to live an adventurous expectant resurrection life (Romans 815-17 MSG) is an invitation to allow the same power that raised Jesus to life to break into our lives and transform us. Transformation from life controlled by the flesh, to a life of the Spirit. It is an invitation to understand what that life can be like and how we can partner with God in the process of spiritual formation.

Isn’t believing in the resurrection ridiculous?

CVEaster_2016_webThe resurrection of Jesus makes all the difference. In this Easter Sunday message, Nick concludes our tough questions series, looking at the encounter Thomas had with the Jesus. And how Jesus answers our questions and doubts. Easter is all about a New Day. What would it look like if we lived each new day in light of the resurrection?