T.G.I. Monday

Do you ever wake up and think “Thank God it’s Monday!”?
Does going to work excite you?
It’s easy to think of employment as a burden, as just another thing that we have to do. Without it, though, we soon find a strange emptiness, and can begin to suffer spiritually, emotionally and even physically.
If work does actually provide some level of fulfillment, then what if we saw it as part of our nature, or even God’s calling in our lives, rather than simply despising it?

Malawi and Mill Street

Vicki, Nathan, Daniel and Danielle tell us some of their favourite stories from their work with the Dalitso Trust in Malawi, then Nick and the team share their visions for our new building in Mill Street.

We found love in a hopeless place

Most people agree that stable families are the bedrock of society. There is overwhelming evidence that marriage strongly helps combat instability and social breakdown. In one study, nearly 90% of people agree that “If we want to have any hope of mending our broken society, family and parenting is where we’ve got to start”As a church we are committed to helping families and marriages. Yet, we live in a society that is losing faith in marriage. It seems hopeless. In this talk Nick looks at how God’s design for marriage brings hope to the City. Following this talk, Andy & Jen Houston renew their wedding vows.


After the resurrection, Jesus’ followers truly changed the city of Jerusalem. What they believed transformed their lives, all because of what they had seen and heard.

In this prologue to our next series, The Church and the City, Nick examines the meanings and the outcomes of faith, and questions whether faith really is spelt RISK…