Isn’t believing in the resurrection ridiculous?

CVEaster_2016_webThe resurrection of Jesus makes all the difference. In this Easter Sunday message, Nick concludes our tough questions series, looking at the encounter Thomas had with the Jesus. And how Jesus answers our questions and doubts. Easter is all about a New Day. What would it look like if we lived each new day in light of the resurrection?

Who is Jesus?

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Who do you believe Jesus was? And is? Was he just a historical figure or just a good teacher? Was he more than that? What if Jesus really was who he said he was?  In this talk Mark looks at, how knowing who Jesus is, should make all the difference to how we live life and that “Knowing who Jesus is, is the start not the finish!”

Why does God allow Suffering?

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Our Tough Questions series is back. In this talk, Nick looks at one of the toughest questions: the question of suffering. Why does God allow suffering? With a brief overview of the book of Job, we explore, a) how there are no easy answers, b) how we can embrace the mystery of suffering and c) how Job’s experience anticipates a final answer.

Does God care who I sleep with?

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In this talk Vicki Sutton, talks from John 8:3-11, highlighting how we respond with both grace and truth when it comes to answering tough questions about sex. N.B this talk contains explicit content, the question time at the end of the talk has been edited.

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Can we trust the Bible?

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In this talk from our Sunday Morning Gathering, Susy Ndaruhutse asks “Can we trust the Bible?” What about objections to the Bible? Ultimately, it’s not about having faith in a book but faith in the person of Jesus who is the central character of the book.

How do we treat those of other faiths?

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Guest Speaker, Sunny Gilbert (from Dehradun Vineyard, India) challenges us on how we respond to those people who have different views or different beliefs to us and teaches us seven simple words that can change the world…

How do we reconcile Science and Faith?

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We continue our series on Tough Questions with “Can creationism and evolution co-exist?” In this talk Nick looks at different views of creation/evolution and explores ways in which we can reconcile science and faith. For a more detailed analysis on this huge topic read Tim Keller’s paper for Biologos here.

Does God exist and can He be known?

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Does God exist? In this talk Nick gives some reasons for not believing God exists, then raises some clues for the existence of God, finally concluding that arguing for 100% proof of God is not enough. It’s personal and all rests on the God we see revealed in the person of Jesus.

What is life all about?

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We live. We die. Then there is this stuff called life in between. What is life all about? Using the book of Ecclesiastes, Nick asks, ” Is there more to life than ‘being happy’?” and “What gives life ‘meaning’?” Jesus came not to make people happy but to bring meaning to life.

Does it matter what I believe?

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At the beginning of this new series for a new year. Nick explains why as a church we are doing Alpha and asks “Does it matter what we believe?” We all have questions, our questions frame our beliefs and the conclusions we reach determine our faith. But how do we answer tough questions? With Grace and Truth.