Apologies for the abrupt start, the start of the talk was missed on the recording.

The story of Ruth, starts from a from a position of grief, loss and abandonment, and we see Ruth making a commitment to Naomi at great personal cost. In this talk, Clair explores what this means when we consider the Promise of the Kingdom in Jesus, and asking what is your next step forward right now when we think about the cost and the commitments we need to make in our journeys with Jesus, like Ruth did.


A Vision For Life (Part I)

In the first of a two part series, Nick looks at the vision for Coventry Vineyard. From the first God-given dream 20 years ago to today, Nick explains the vision and direction of our church and how Jesus is building a home in which we are “no longer strangers’ (Ephesians 2:16-22)

‘Don’t Get Us Lost’!

Have you ever been in a convoy of cars following the lead, and that lead driver is the only person who knows the way? Have you ever felt like saying to the lead driver ‘don’t get us lost’! Deep down you are not really concerned that they will get themselves lost, otherwise you would not follow them.

In this situation we are just expressing our fear that we don’t know where we are going, and we are reliant on someone else.  So if we get lost we won’t know how to get out.

Sometimes it feels like this with God. It feels that we are stepping out into the unknown, in situations where we know we can’t get ourselves out if we get lost. Psalm 23 tells us our God will lead us like a shepherd, and we can have confidence in the direction he leads.

Do you struggle to keep sight of God, the good shepherd and lead driver? How might daily practises such as prayer enable us to better trust in His direction?

The Things We Cling To

Sometimes we feel like if we just had a bit more money then everything would be okay. Or perhaps it is getting a job in the first place, or landing a promotion, or even feeling like if you had a bit more status and influence things would turn out alright.

While there is nothing wrong with any of those objects, unfortunately by looking to them for our security we turn good things into ultimate things, and they aren’t able to come up with the goods. They are not able to provide the security we crave, and ultimately they will let us down, not satisfy. They are not meant to!

What things in your life have you turned into ‘ultimate things’? What deeper need are we trying to address by clinging to these?