ESSENCE Part 7: Faithfulness

Faithfulness comes in two forms: God’s faithfulness to us, and our faithfulness to Him.
More than just theology, our understanding of His faithfulness can change everything.
This week Sacha explores faithfulness with some exciting personal stories.

ESSENCE Part 6: Goodness

‘Good’ is a word we use every day, but what does ‘goodness’ mean? And when the dictionary doesn’t really help me understand, how am I supposed to do more goodness?? This week Clare goes in search of Goodness, and discovers that it might already be staring us in the face.

ESSENCE Part 3: Peace

There’s more to peace than just sitting on the beach with a good book, and Jesus makes it clear that we’re called to more than that. So how do we become these “people of the peace”, exuding something more than just earthly calm? Nathan Page takes us on a journey to a new perspective, from which we can see that God’s presence really is home, and that’s where we need to start.

ESSENCE Part 2: Joy

God tells us in the Bible to be joyful. What does that mean? Is that really something that I can control? And what if I’m not just not an outwardly joyful person by nature?
This week Mark Norrish asks all these questions as he investigates the the fruit of Joy.

ESSENCE Part 1: Love

As we begin our journey exploring the fruit of the spirit. We start with what it’s really all about: Love. Love is at the heart of the gospel. Love is the essence of Jesus’ character. All the other fruit are aspects of love. In this talk, Nick looks at how we can be “other- interested” in a culture dictated by “self interest”. In other words, how do we love others?

What are you looking for in a church?


What are you looking for in a church? We all have a list of what we think a church should be doing. But what is Jesus looking for in a church? In this talk, Nick looks at what Jesus saw in the seven churches of Asia Minor, in the first Century, and what this says to us today.

It’s the End of the World as we know it


The book of Revelation, the last book in the Bible, has had a huge, and arguably the most significant impact on our modern culture out of all biblical books. This is a book that has been misunderstood and misused for centuries.

Many people have used the book of revelation to advance their own warped theology, whilst others have simply avoided this ‘strange and obscure’ book.

In this series we will explore this wonderful and fascinating book and develop skills that help us make sense of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in order to live lives in light that Jesus reigns.

In part 1 we explore how we to read the book of Revelation and how not to read it. Nick Sutton explains the sort of book that Revelation is and how it gives us an insight in seeing the world from the perspective of heaven. Ultimately, Revelation is a book of hope and is all about Jesus.

When worship goes wrong – and how to get it right!


A life of worship image

In this talk we look at how there are some serious misunderstandings when it comes to worship and especially ‘sung’ worship and then using Psalm 95 look at how we as a Vineyard Church value the following it comes to being a worshipping community…