Holy Body – prayers to honour God with our bodies


The following are prayers that were shared in our talk: How to honour God with our bodies. At our Sunday Morning Gathering.


I offer you my Eyes

God help me to see your light in dark places. Help me to see others how you see them. Let me see others with your grace and mercy, your love and kindness. Heal me of my spiritual blindness. Turn my eyes away from that which is unhelpful and unholy. Fix my eyes on Jesus, the author and perfector of my faith. Help me to see what is happening in the eternal unseen reality of your kingdom. Let me look only to you as the object of my worship and the giver of my identity.

Sanctify my eyes.

I offer you my Mouth

Let me speak words of holiness. May they be words of healing, words of peace and reconciliation, words of mercy and love. May I speak words of truth with grace. May the good news of your gospel be on the tip of my tongue. May my words bring encouragement May I not stay silent, may I speak up for the oppressed and downtrodden, the weak and the broken. May my words change the atmosphere of whatever room I am in. May my tongue be an instrument of blessing and comfort. May my tongue bring you glory May my words be your words to those around me.

Sanctify my mouth.

I offer you my Ears

Before I speak, judge or decide may I first listen to you, Lord. May I listen to your voice in the voice of others and be prepared to receive correction as well as encouragement In every sermon and every discussion may I listen attentively and without prejudice. Holy spirit what will you say to me today through the words of others. Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.

Sanctify my ears.

I offer you my Mind

Father God, may I think about you throughout the day. May my mind turn to you in moments of fear and doubt, stress and anxiety. Holy Spirt may your transform me by the renewing of my mind. May I think about others with the mind of christ. May I grow up in my thinking, and reject immature, childish thoughts. May my mind turn to that whcih is noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable. May I take charge of my thoughts and be responsible for what I dwell on. Before any decision prompt me to ask, what is the wise thing to do.

Sanctify my mind.

I offer you my Hands & Feet

Lord make my hands and feet holy, may I give help to those who need it and walk wherever you lead me. Even if it gets me into trouble. Take my hands, and make them yours Take my feet and make them yours. I want to serve you in all that I do. Lord watch over my fingers as I use the internet.

Sanctify my hands & feet.

I offer you my Heart

Lord may I have your heart for others. May I care for the concerns of others. Give me strength to guard my heart, to be passionate about what you are passionate about. Keep my heart devoted to you and soft to others. Purify my heart. Replace my calloused heart with a compassionate heart. May I love what you love and hate what you hate. May I be content with who you have made me to be and eager to become who are calling me to become.

Sanctify my heart

What you do with your body matters

Your body is your kingdom – it’s where you alone are in charge. You use to body to do almost everything, and everything that you do with it is your responsibility. Every input, picture or mouthful; every word or signal; every action is your choice. What are you doing with your body, are you honouring God by doing it?