Invited to live a Kingdom Life

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Jesus invites you to follow. You are invited to live a ‘Kingdom Life’. What if we really took Jesus up on His invitation? 
What if your boring christian life was ruined by experiencing and following the real Jesus? In this talk Nick introduces our new series by looking at the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)

The Gift of Grace

In this, the first in our three-part series on grace, Nick looks at the grace God has for us. Whilst so many things in life we have to work hard for, God’s grace is one thing we can’t earn – and we don’t need to! Yet, this crucial element of our faith is so often and so easily forgotten. With a true understanding of grace in place, how in turn might our attitude towards giving to others change?

Making Disciples of King Jesus

Jesus told his followers to, “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” In this talk Vicki looks at how we make disciples in Coventry Vineyard and why it is a core value.

Fan or Follower?

Do you admire Jesus or are you committed to follow him, no matter what?

“Whenever Jesus taught, something happened in the hearts of a few of them that went way beyond admiration. For some, while Jesus was talking their hearts started pounding; their minds started racing. Something deep inside them said, “This is it. This is what I’ve been longing for my whole life … to have my sins forgiven and my life cleansed of the sin and mess … to know God … to have courage … to have a life beyond the constant worry, fear and anxiety … to not be a slave anymore to sexual desire, or money, or people’s approval, or success … to be a part of God’s work in this world in my own little way … to have confidence beyond death. I must have this! 

I would rather have what this Man has, and give up everything else in the world, than to have everything else in the world, and give up Him. Therefore I will pay any price; I will do whatever He wants me to do. I will go wherever He tells me to go. I will be whatever He says I should be. I am leaving the crowd … I am not just an admirer; I will be a follower of Jesus. I will live my life as a passionate follower of this man …

The crowd admired Jesus; but every once in a while someone wakes up and crosses the line and says, “I will follow.””

-John Ortberg