LENT ADVENTURE 2016Read Exodus 20:1-21

And God spoke all these words:

‘I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

‘You shall have no other gods before me.

First Exodus (Deliverance) then Covenant (Law). The Law has its foundations in grace. The Law was never about the legalities of earning God’s acceptance. The Law was all about how to relate to God the King and how to relate to those around you. How to live with God in your midst. How to orientate your life with God at the centre.

After Exodus comes Torah: Leviticus (the book of holiness), Numbers (life In the Wilderness), Deuteronomy (the Covenant restated), books that outline what living in God’s story is like. Life under grace. Life in the Kingdom. Life of holiness…

“You are to be holy to me because I, the Lord, am holy, and I have set you apart from the nations to be my own.” Lev 20:26

For more on Torah see Rev NT Wright here.

What was ‘The Tabernacle’ all about? Basically a tent, but so, so much more: A place of supreme holiness, A tent of meeting: Where God dwelt with His people, a place of sacrifice, a place of prayer, a place of God’s glory, a place of worship. A symbol that God’s Presence was with His People.


Today, How will you live under grace? How will God’s grace lead you to live a life of holiness?

Today, where are you tempted to earn God’s love and acceptance? Instead, what will you do to be aware of (and accept) His Presence, His Holy Spirit, in your life right here, right now?

What difference will this make in how you live life? How will you Be Holy? For more on this: listen here.


Does God care who I sleep with?

Tough Questions_web

In this talk Vicki Sutton, talks from John 8:3-11, highlighting how we respond with both grace and truth when it comes to answering tough questions about sex. N.B this talk contains explicit content, the question time at the end of the talk has been edited.

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Can we trust the Bible?

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In this talk from our Sunday Morning Gathering, Susy Ndaruhutse asks “Can we trust the Bible?” What about objections to the Bible? Ultimately, it’s not about having faith in a book but faith in the person of Jesus who is the central character of the book.

How do we treat those of other faiths?

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Guest Speaker, Sunny Gilbert (from Dehradun Vineyard, India) challenges us on how we respond to those people who have different views or different beliefs to us and teaches us seven simple words that can change the world…

What is life all about?

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We live. We die. Then there is this stuff called life in between. What is life all about? Using the book of Ecclesiastes, Nick asks, ” Is there more to life than ‘being happy’?” and “What gives life ‘meaning’?” Jesus came not to make people happy but to bring meaning to life.

Does it matter what I believe?

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At the beginning of this new series for a new year. Nick explains why as a church we are doing Alpha and asks “Does it matter what we believe?” We all have questions, our questions frame our beliefs and the conclusions we reach determine our faith. But how do we answer tough questions? With Grace and Truth.

The Generous Church

Our God is an extravagant giver. If we are to follow in His footsteps, then generosity is one of the key ways the Church should stand out from society. In this final part, Nathan challenges us to step out out of our comfort zones and be prepared to give not just willingly, but hilariously generously.

The Gift of Grace

In this, the first in our three-part series on grace, Nick looks at the grace God has for us. Whilst so many things in life we have to work hard for, God’s grace is one thing we can’t earn – and we don’t need to! Yet, this crucial element of our faith is so often and so easily forgotten. With a true understanding of grace in place, how in turn might our attitude towards giving to others change?