Be led by the Holy Spirit

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This Pentecost Sunday we look at how to follow Jesus is to be led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to empower and enable his followers to live a kingdom life. A life infused with the kingdom is a life infused with the spirit. Are we following where the Holy Spirit is leading? Are we aware of His Presence in our daily lives?

Why crawl when you can fly?

To follow Jesus is to share life

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To follow Jesus is to share life. Taking inspiration from the story of Levi in the book of Mark (Chapter 2). Nick looks at some practical ways in which we can S.H.A.R.E life.
N.B. we had problems with the recording of this talk (the input was turned up to 11, hence the distortion!) Therefore, you can find the notes from the talk below…


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Creating a Generous City

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Those who follow Jesus are invited to be generous. But what does this look like? In this talk Nick asks “Do you want to be generous?” and looks at how the world of the generous gets larger and larger, whilst the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. With specific examples, we explore how our generosity can create a generous city.

Changing Culture

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In the talk (below) Guest Speaker, Steve Gee, from Central Vineyard Northampton shares with us how those who follow Jesus, change culture. Looking at the encounter between Jesus and the woman from Samaria (John 4), Steve explains what happens when we encounter the real Jesus and the impact it has on others.

What is our vision?

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A follower of Jesus is invited to share in a vision of the Kingdom for their local community. In this talk Nick explains what our vision at Coventry Vineyard is and your part in it.  In particular; how do we create somewhere others can call ‘home. There is a longing in all of us for a place called ‘home’, only in and through Jesus can we find our way to our true home.

Called to follow

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A follower of Jesus is called. Jesus has called you to follow Him. Will you respond? Or are you too distracted, too afraid or too stubborn? What have you been called to? What does Jesus call you? In this talk, Nick explains how our identity and self-image are wrapped up in what we call ourselves and the life-changing, world-transforming, name that Jesus calls you… “Beloved”.

Invited to live a Kingdom Life

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Jesus invites you to follow. You are invited to live a ‘Kingdom Life’. What if we really took Jesus up on His invitation? 
What if your boring christian life was ruined by experiencing and following the real Jesus? In this talk Nick introduces our new series by looking at the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)