What is our vision?

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A follower of Jesus is invited to share in a vision of the Kingdom for their local community. In this talk Nick explains what our vision at Coventry Vineyard is and your part in it.  In particular; how do we create somewhere others can call ‘home. There is a longing in all of us for a place called ‘home’, only in and through Jesus can we find our way to our true home.

Called to follow

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A follower of Jesus is called. Jesus has called you to follow Him. Will you respond? Or are you too distracted, too afraid or too stubborn? What have you been called to? What does Jesus call you? In this talk, Nick explains how our identity and self-image are wrapped up in what we call ourselves and the life-changing, world-transforming, name that Jesus calls you… “Beloved”.

Invited to live a Kingdom Life

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Jesus invites you to follow. You are invited to live a ‘Kingdom Life’. What if we really took Jesus up on His invitation? 
What if your boring christian life was ruined by experiencing and following the real Jesus? In this talk Nick introduces our new series by looking at the disciples on the road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)

Who is Jesus?

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Who do you believe Jesus was? And is? Was he just a historical figure or just a good teacher? Was he more than that? What if Jesus really was who he said he was?  In this talk Mark looks at, how knowing who Jesus is, should make all the difference to how we live life and that “Knowing who Jesus is, is the start not the finish!”

Does God exist and can He be known?

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Does God exist? In this talk Nick gives some reasons for not believing God exists, then raises some clues for the existence of God, finally concluding that arguing for 100% proof of God is not enough. It’s personal and all rests on the God we see revealed in the person of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit makes us Holy

Holy_square_buttonThe Holy Spirit is at work in every follower of Jesus to make them more like Jesus, more Holy. In the final talk of this series, Nick explains how ‘becoming holy’ is a past event, a present experience and a future hope of every Christian. This happens through and with the power of the Holy Spirit as we encounter everyday problems and take up kingdom habits.

Triangle of holiness

Adapted from Dallas Willard’s ‘Golden Triangle

Holy Families – Children and the church

Holy_square_buttonWhat is our vision for children and families? Listen to Jacqueline Titmas as she shares our heart for raising a generation. In this talks Jacqueline asks “How can we help our children to be holy, to live life as followers of Jesus?” and as a whole church, “How do we support each other in raising our children to pursue the God worth living for?”

Holy Body – how to honour God with our bodies

Holy_square_buttonMany times ‘holiness’ is defined by what we do not do rather than what we do do. What you do with your body is the key to living a holy life. In this talk Nick looks at how our bodies lie right at the centre of our spiritual growth, and how we can practically take responsibility for our bodies in a way that is holy and honourable to God.

Holy Fight: to do or not to do…

Holy_square_buttonThere is a shared human problem. In each of us a war is being fought, a war waged by sin. In this talk Mark (with the help of the Karate Kid!) asks: “What is it that you keep on doing that you want to stop doing?” and “What do you want to do that you seem unable to do?” How do we live holy lives and what training do we need to develop, to help us overcome?