When worship goes wrong – and how to get it right!


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In this talk we look at how there are some serious misunderstandings when it comes to worship and especially ‘sung’ worship and then using Psalm 95 look at how we as a Vineyard Church value the following it comes to being a worshipping community…


You are what you love


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It is what we ultimately love that determines how we live: What we want to do, our longings and desires. Our ultimate love is what we worship. What we ultimately love, ultimately changes us, forms our identity and directs our thoughts and actions, our responses and attitudes.

Put another way, “You are what you love”.

How to be invitational

Values (web) Sept 15

Church exists for the benefit of it’s non members” wrote William Temple, but how will those outside church know? In this talk, Vicki Sutton challenges us to be invitational and to overcome our fear of inviting friends, neighbours and colleagues to encounter Jesus and to invite Coventry to Alpha.

Coventry Vineyard Church

Values 03: Express Love

Values (web) Sept 15As a church we look for ways to demonstrate God’s love and grace, justice and mercy to the World. In this talk Nick explains how our faith is not static, but propels us out into our communities and neighbourhoods to minister God’s grace and mercy in real and practical ways.

Coventry Vineyard Church

Values 02: Equipped for Life

Values (web) Sept 15

Jesus called people to follow him. He equipped his disciples for life and to live under the rule and reign of the kingdom of God. In this talk Nick explains how we ‘make disciples’ and equip one another in Coventry Vineyard.

Coventry Vineyard Church

VALUES 01: Encourage Worship in Everyday Life

Values (web) Sept 15

Worship is our highest priority. We are changed by what (or who) we worship.Humans are made in the image of God, when we worship God we become more human. In this talk, Nick looks at the importance of worship and what Jesus said about how we are to worship in spirit and in truth.

Coventry Vineyard Church

The Generous Church

Our God is an extravagant giver. If we are to follow in His footsteps, then generosity is one of the key ways the Church should stand out from society. In this final part, Nathan challenges us to step out out of our comfort zones and be prepared to give not just willingly, but hilariously generously.

The Grace of Giving

How do we have a healthy attitude towards money? In this talk Nick looks at a bunch of churches that were known for their generosity. How can we let grace flow from God to others? Can our giving really make a difference?

The Gift of Grace

In this, the first in our three-part series on grace, Nick looks at the grace God has for us. Whilst so many things in life we have to work hard for, God’s grace is one thing we can’t earn – and we don’t need to! Yet, this crucial element of our faith is so often and so easily forgotten. With a true understanding of grace in place, how in turn might our attitude towards giving to others change?

Making Disciples of King Jesus

Jesus told his followers to, “Go and make disciples of all nations…teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” In this talk Vicki looks at how we make disciples in Coventry Vineyard and why it is a core value.