When worship goes wrong – and how to get it right!


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In this talk we look at how there are some serious misunderstandings when it comes to worship and especially ‘sung’ worship and then using Psalm 95 look at how we as a Vineyard Church value the following it comes to being a worshipping community…


You are what you love


A life of worship image

It is what we ultimately love that determines how we live: What we want to do, our longings and desires. Our ultimate love is what we worship. What we ultimately love, ultimately changes us, forms our identity and directs our thoughts and actions, our responses and attitudes.

Put another way, “You are what you love”.


What is the chief end (the purpose) of man?

The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

What do we celebrate in society? What do we applaud? Things like family or financial stability might come up.

What do you celebrate? Who do you applaud? What do you worship? Whatever it is that you enjoy, you praise.

We need to understand what it means to enjoy God, and then to let out our praises for Him, for all around us to hear.