Day 7 Wednesday, 20th February


John 14:5-14

“Whatsoever we ask that is adverse to the interests of salvation, we do not ask in the name of the Savior.” –Augustine of Hippo

What question did Thomas ask Jesus (5)? What was Jesus’ answer (6-7)? How would you describe Jesus’ connection to the Father? What was Philip’s request (8)? What truths did Jesus reiterate in His reply (9-11)? On what does He ask the disciples to base their belief (11)? What will happen to those who believe in Jesus (12, 14)? Why (12-13)? Considering that Jesus’ going to the Father meant both the completion of His greatest work (death, resurrection, and ascension) and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, what do you think Jesus meant by “greater things”? How do you think the disciples processed this message? What emotions and thoughts do you think came over them?

What is the basis for your belief that Jesus is the Son of God? Do you believe what Jesus says in verses 12-14? Why or why not? What “greater things” do you partake in as a result of Jesus’ glorification and the presence of the Holy Spirit? When you pray for others, how do you embody the truth that Jesus will do whatever you ask in His name? What changes are necessary in order to align with Christ’s character and concerns in all areas of your life?

Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with power to change and to have steadfast devotion to God’s Kingdom.

(Adapted from an Original Source by Columbus Vineyard)

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