A Vision For Life (Part I)

In the first of a two part series, Nick looks at the vision for Coventry Vineyard. From the first God-given dream 20 years ago to today, Nick explains the vision and direction of our church and how Jesus is building a home in which we are “no longer strangers’ (Ephesians 2:16-22)

ESSENCE Part 8: Gentleness

Not to be mistaken for weakness, gentleness is a highly influential attribute with the power to change how our friends, family, colleagues and children act and react. This week Sid Farley wonders what it looks like to be a gentle person, how we can be more gentle more often.

ESSENCE Part 7: Faithfulness

Faithfulness comes in two forms: God’s faithfulness to us, and our faithfulness to Him.
More than just theology, our understanding of His faithfulness can change everything.
This week Sacha explores faithfulness with some exciting personal stories.

ESSENCE Part 6: Goodness

‘Good’ is a word we use every day, but what does ‘goodness’ mean? And when the dictionary doesn’t really help me understand, how am I supposed to do more goodness?? This week Clare goes in search of Goodness, and discovers that it might already be staring us in the face.

ESSENCE Part 3: Peace

There’s more to peace than just sitting on the beach with a good book, and Jesus makes it clear that we’re called to more than that. So how do we become these “people of the peace”, exuding something more than just earthly calm? Nathan Page takes us on a journey to a new perspective, from which we can see that God’s presence really is home, and that’s where we need to start.

ESSENCE Part 2: Joy

God tells us in the Bible to be joyful. What does that mean? Is that really something that I can control? And what if I’m not just not an outwardly joyful person by nature?
This week Mark Norrish asks all these questions as he investigates the the fruit of Joy.

ESSENCE Part 1: Love

As we begin our journey exploring the fruit of the spirit. We start with what it’s really all about: Love. Love is at the heart of the gospel. Love is the essence of Jesus’ character. All the other fruit are aspects of love. In this talk, Nick looks at how we can be “other- interested” in a culture dictated by “self interest”. In other words, how do we love others?