Day 19 Wednesday, 6th March


John 3:5-8

According to Jesus, the Holy Spirit not only gives birth, but He also possesses wind-like qualities. As perplexing as they may seem, these descriptions stir the imagination, giving us greater appreciation for the always life-giving and often spontaneous work of the Spirit.

What is the requirement for entering the kingdom of God (5)? What do you think it means to enter His kingdom? How does Jesus describe the distinction of being born again (6-7)? Why do you think He uses birth imagery to explain entrance to the kingdom of God? How does Jesus describe the Holy Spirit’s role in causing someone to be born again (8)? What thoughts and behaviours ought to accompany being born again?

Do you freely identify as a ‘born again Christian’? Why or why not? How has new life in Jesus enabled you to be more Christ-like? When have you experienced or witnessed the Holy Spirit’s activity, as Jesus describes it in verse 8? How do such instances inform your relationship with the Lord? Based on this text and your experiences with Him, what words would you use to describe the Holy Spirit?



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