LENT ADVENTURE 2016“…Sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.” Genesis 4:7

God saw that human evil was out of control. People thought evil, imagined evil—evil, evil, evil from morning to night. God was sorry that he had made the human race in the first place; it broke his heart. God said, “I’ll get rid of my ruined creation, make a clean sweep: people, animals, snakes and bugs, birds—the works. I’m sorry I made them.” But Noah was different. God liked what he saw in Noah. Genesis 6:5-8 (The Message)

Genesis 4 to 11 is the fallout from Eden. Humanity is in a downward spiral of evil.  Chapters 4-11 “…combine an escalating crescendo of human sin alongside repeated marks of God;s grace. the serpent’s head will be crushed. Adam and eve are clothed, Cain is protected. Noah and his family are saved. life goes on, and creation is protected under Covenant. The great creation project is still moving forward, but it is limping under the crippling weight of human sin.” -Christopher Wright

Today, How will you master (“rule over”) sin, rather than give into it?

What would it take for you to believe that sin is not your master? What practical things can you do to decide not to let sin rule you?

Pray,  “God, today I offer my hands, feet, eyes, ears, and mind to you.”  For more listen here. Or view some Prayers to honour God with your body.

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